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» Our Technology

Through the process of Acceptance to EU, while Turkish Republic is on the way to implement the adjustment laws with respect to the integration, Armada Mutfak, on the other hand, as a leading brand in its field, introduces innovations and advanced technologies to Turkey.

In this context, running the existing plants and facilities in modern and economically acceptableways, reorganizing in compliance with the terms of competition, finalizing expansion investments and heading through the new ones became, within the policies and strategies,Armada Mutfak ’s primary aims. Therefore, Armada Mutfak turned its production to a route on which it is supported by computer assisted design, CAD, and managed by computerized systems which involve the whole production functionalities within. Furthermore, revisions such as forthe machine tools accompanied by CNC have taken place in order to keep pace with the up-to-date technologies.

Since our efforts are to keep synchronous with cutting-edge technologies, following, acquiring and adopting those technologies features for in strategies. And by involving FMS (a system for flexible production in metal sheet processing) in our production technology, we lead through outstanding productivity and original and marginal designs.

As also required by our Customer Oriented Approach, our processes which we support using devices, equipment and tools with cutting-edge technology and the capability of rapid, quality and low-cost production, are managed by our most valuable investments, our human resources with continuous development and improvement.

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